About yHORGINz

Forefathers of SAITO ENGRAVING LTD was a manufacturer of Tsuba (handguard) of Samurai's Nihonntoh (Japanese sword) .
Besides handguard, Nihontoh is made of many other parts such as Kozuka (accessory knife), Menuki (hilt ornaments), Kogai (hair pick accessory) that have carved decorations.
Motifs of designs were family crests, holy aminals (such as flying dragon, Chinese tiger, phoenix, Tiger), Buddhism motifs (such as sanskrit characters, buddhist saint, tathagata and kongousho/mystical weapon in Hinduism and Buddhism) etc.
And Nihontoh together with those parts have become globally unique work of art.

We have developed our ancestral artistic workmanship used for handguard to make our jewelry products.
The brand name of the jewelry which we made is gHORIGINh
The designs of our products are Japanese taste, Asian taste, European taste, ancient Egyptian taste and so on. (please see the pictures)

Our products are all hand made by our skilled craftsmen.
Respecting and cherishing our ancestral technique from our company foundation in 1916, we have applied cutting edge fine metal carving technology.
Our craftsmen, with their traditional tools such as file and gravers and modern microscope, can precisely engrave even one fine-whisker of a dragon on our jewelry.

Our original metal engraving technology made it possible to manufacture artistic high-end jewelry that cannot be produced by other generally known technology such as lost-wax casting. Therefore, we cannot mass produce the jewelries but our products are all the highest quality ones and satisfy your customers.


yCompany historyz

Our origin dates back to the year 1690 when Bushuu Ito school of the craft was first founded by Masanaga ItoiˆÉ“¡³’·j.
The school provided many craftsmen who were retained by the Tokugawa shogunate and the handguards made by the craftsmen of the school spread over Japan.
However, after the decree banning the wearing of swords was promulgated, the demand of the handguards dramatically declined and the craftsmen were gradually forced to change their products from sword related ones to other others such as pipes, netsuke (miniature carving attached to the end of a cord hanging@from a pouch), kanzashi (ornamental hairpins) etc.

Horigin is the third generation of Einosuke Saito, branch family of Ito family, who started this business in 1916 carrying the craftsmanship of the traditional Ito school.
HORIGIN is now a leading precise metal engraving company of craftsmen and has been supplying the highest grade jewerly not only to Japanese market but to the USA and European market as well.



Please be advised that our prices are subject to change without a notice according to the rare metal market price and the exchange rate.
The price of catalogs is a price of one-piece. According to the quantity of an order, I would cut a price.

We will provide our samples with a special discount price Only to Alibaba buyers.
We are sure that you will be impressed and satisfied with the quality of our products once you see and touch our products.


925 Silver, 950 Silver, 18K Gold, 900 Platinum
Minimum order lot
one piece
EMS / Fedex / DHL etc
Cash in advance by T.T or Paypal

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