Saito Engraving Corporation

Corporate Overview


Saito Engraving Corporation has almost a hundred years of experience of high quality engraving and invented the original processing system of high-precision mold engraving using its advanced technical skills.

The company provides both high-precision machine processing techniques such as CAD/CAM and NC Engraving System and fine handmade engraving by first-class artists.

Through continuous technical innovations that successfully combine automated and manual engraving, Saito Engraving Corporation is able to satisfy customers' needs by offering a unique range of products and services.


Saito Engraving Corporation is unique in its history because it consists of engravers in steel. They are' Honjo-ha',one of the groups of engravers in Japan who created the iron jaws of the Japanese swords in the Edo period more than a hundred years ago.

Their technique had been proudly handed down through three generations when Saito Einosuke was born in 1899. Saito Einosuke then became the first engraver of Saito Engraving Corporation.

1916                         Founded Saito Engraving Corporation

2000                         Start Internet Sales Division to respond for orders ofcustom-made jewelry accessories