Sanskrit Characters Guardian Animal Grace
A. Kireek Senjukanzeonbosatsu: the thousand-armed Senju Goddess of Mercy Rat With the thousand arms and eyes, save people who suffer and make their dreams come true
A. Kireek Amidanyorai: Amitabha Tathagata Dog, Boar With great mercy, no suffering and calamity, give fortune and long life
B. Talak Kokuzobosatsu: Kokuzo Bodhisattva Ox, Tiger Give fortune and wisdom, improve memory, protect from evil, cure sickness
C. Man Monjubosatsu: Monju Bodhisattva Rabbit With wisdom, reward in studies, no hardship and suffering, give fortune
D. An Fugenbosatsu: Fugen Bodhisattva Dragon, Snake Riding on a white elephant with Monju Bodhisattva by the side of Shakyamuni, give long life
E. Saku Seishibosatsu: Seishi Bodhisattva Horse By the side of Amitabha, symbolize mercy and wisdom, with no malice, make way, give fortune and long life
F. Ban Dainichinyorai: the great sun Buddha in Kongou world Sheep, Monkey No misfortune and suffering, give a bright future, fortune and long life
G. Karn Fudomyoou: Fudo Rooster No misfortune and suffering, give bright future and fortune
H. Arku Dainichinyorai: the great sun Buddha in Taizou world กก It is said to be provided every soul virtue if I admire this Buddha. All illness is cured if I advocate a Buddha's preach about truth, and it is said when the person becoming pregnant again has an easy delivery safely.
Guardian Sanskrit Characters